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To celebrate 50 years of marriage, the Lovegren children planted two trees side-by-side on the beautiful campus of New Orleans Seminary.  These trees were symbolic of two trees planed by the Lovegrens not long after they were first married at their first home in New Orleans.

The Williams children donated funds to the seminary's Preschool Education Center in celebration of their parent's 50th wedding anniversary.  These funds supplied computers for the older preschool classes and  purchased much needed equipment and curriculum for each classroom.

If you have a loved one or someone special and would like to consider a special gift arrangement, call us at 800-662-8701, ext. 3252. We will be happy to discuss it with you. Current project needs include planting trees, other shrubs, and building construction and improvements.

To discuss making a gift in honor of or in memory of someone special to your life, contact the Seminary at 1-800-662-8701, ext. 3252 or e-mail us at Office of Development.

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The Man in the White Suit 

In the hill country of East Central Mississippi things can get pretty hot during the dog days of summer.  It was not uncommon for the temperatures to hover at the 100 degree mark.  This was back in the days when the term "Heat Index" was unknown.  

She noticed that even on the muggiest and hottest of days, he would not even break a sweat as he preached the Word of God to his parishioners.  It was this preacher in the white suit and cane hat that impacted the life of that seventeen -year-old Mississippi girl.  Under his preaching she made a renewed commitment to serve the Lord, signifying to the community her love for Christ. This was significant because even at this early age she showed characteristics of being a very private person. 

For years afterwards she followed this man's ministry - his years as pastor of several local churches, followed by his time as Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew and later as vice president for academic affairs at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in New Orleans, Louisiana.   She spent much time in prayer and decided that if the Lord gave her the financial means, she would help those who were preparing for full-time Christian ministry at New Orleans Seminary.  

In the coming years of her life, the Lord did bless her and enabled her to begin a scholarship fund at New Orleans Seminary to honor this former pastor who had meant so much to her spiritual development.  Her goal was to see the fund grow to at least $500,000.  This was a challenge, but she believed in this cause and set her sights in that direction. 

During the years she would often help other ministerial students at the seminary and say, "Don't you tell them where this money came from.  This is between me and the Lord!"  She did not want public recognition.  It gave her great joy to see the wok of the Lord being done. 

This pastor in the white suite and cane hat is Dr. J. Hardee Kennedy, retired (but still ministering in churches) and residing in Mississippi.  Not too many months ago he once again preached for this young girl, now in her 70s - he preached her going-home message.  It was the message that talked her great reunion with the choirs of heaven ringing forth praise as another saint enters the presence of the Lord. 

She wanted to remain anonymous and we will abide by her wishes.  She has passed from this life of sickness, suffering, and hardships to her eternal abode.  Her dream of training men and women for full-time Christian ministry has come to fruition with the endowed scholarship fund she established in honor of Dr. Kennedy.  

What a legacy!  And, it all started with the man in the white suit and cane hat sharing from the Word of God. 

All over this beautiful tree covered campus, stories like these abound by those who have given to honor someone special or to memorialize a loved one.  These gifts have eternal impact as New Orleans Seminary prepares God-called men and women for full-time Christian ministry. 

To discuss making a gift in honor of or in memory of someone special to your life, contact the Seminary at 1-800-662-8701, ext. 3252 or e-mail us at Office of Development.