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Q.  Is the Seminary moving from its present location in East New Orleans?

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After much study and research a task force made up of trustees, staff, faculty and student representatives unanimously voted that the Seminary should remain in the present location at 3939 Gentilly Boulevard, New Orleans.

Q. Why is the support of the alumni critical to the future of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary?

The percentage of alumni who support NOBTS has a direct bearing
on whether or not the seminary receives foundation grant funds for vital projects. Since committing to remain in the city of New Orleans, the campus must now be updated. Funding from private and foundation sources is critical in the overall plan to build student housing, academic classroom space, endowment, and a new wellness center. Student scholarship assistance, in most cases, also relies on this same criteria.

Q. Why do I need to give? Doesn’t the Cooperative Program fund the needs of the Seminary?

While the Cooperative Program does fund more than 40 percent of
the operational costs of the Seminary, there is still a growing need for student scholarships, endowment funds, and capital improvement funds. Many of our students are older, married, and have families to support. For these, scholarship assistance is crucial. As we enter this new millennium, theological education is more crucial than ever as an important ingredient in equipping leaders to change the world.

Q. Is our Seminary doing anything with 21st Century technology to enhance the educational experience?

A lot! Our students will graduate and minister in a world that is
technically advanced. They will face trials and obstacles unlike any period in our history. The ministry environment is no longer determined by neighborhoods but is one of common interests brought together by the Internet. We are living in a global community and our graduates must be prepared to function and minister in this global community. 

Q. What is the New Horizons Campaign?

The New Horizons Campaign is New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary’s fifteen to twenty-year strategic plan to revitalize its facilities and increase its endowment. The campaign has a first phase goal of $8,000,000 to $12,000,000 which will be raised in cash and three-year pledges.

Q. Who authorized the New Horizons Campaign?

After a thorough feasibility study, the New Horizons Campaign was
approved by NOBTS Board of Trustees in March 1999; by the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Board in Spring 2000; and by the Convention messengers during its meeting in Orlando in June 2000.

Q. How will the goals be achieved?

he Campaign divisions and goals are as follows:

Category  Base  Challenge
Trustees  $300,000 $500,000
Faculty/Staff  200,000  250,000
Foundation Board  2,000,000  3,000,000
Alumni  750,000  1,000,000
New Orleans  2,000,000  3,000,000
Baton Rouge  500,000  750,000
Atlanta  500,000  1,000,000
Shreveport  500,000  750,000
Other Friends  750,000  1,000,000
Foundations  500,000  750,000

Q. What are the New Horizons Campaign funding objectives?


Bunyan Classroom Building: 

$2,000,000 - $2,500,000

(Bunyan renovation was completed Fall of 2000)
Student Family Village: 

$4,000,000 - $6,000,000

(Currently under construction, ground breaking, October 10, 2001)

$2,000,000 - $3,500,000

Q. Why was the Bunyan Classroom Building a top priority?

First constructed in 1951, this major classroom building on campus
was updated to reflect the Seminary’s vision and mission and now includes a Lord’s Supper table, a baptistry, a casket, and Internet access. Because a combination of years of use and extensive damage by Formosan termites had left the building in critical need, this project had to be started before the funds were raised. The New Horizons effort will repay those construction costs.

Q. Why is endowment so vital to the Seminary?

Endowment is the gift which gives forever. It would be increasingly difficult to keep the cost of theological education affordable for Southern Baptist ministers without steady income of endowments such as scholarships funds and endowed faculty chairs.

Q. Why is the Student Family Village so vital to the Seminary accomplishing its mission?

It has been more than thirty years since any student housing was built. New student housing for families with multiple children is a very critical need. The ground has been broken for three buildings with 12 four-bedroom apartments. Each building will cost $1,500,000 with each apartment costing approximately $125,000. The total project will cost $4,500,000 and will provide several family apartments for years to come.

Q. What is the Students’ Children’s Endowment and why is it so important?

Another critical issue facing our Seminary is the education of the
children of our students. After much deliberation and study, our administration came to the conclusion that is not possible to build a school on our campus. As an alternative, we believe a $12,000,000 endowment for children of Seminary students would generate enough interest to cover the cost of scholarships for them to attend area Christian schools. Our goal is to raise $2,000,000 to begin that endowment.

Q. What is the goal for the Alumni Division of the New Horizons Campaign?

The goal of the Alumni Division is $750,000 for a base goal with a
challenge goal of $1,000,000.

Q. What will the money which is raised in the Alumni Division of the New Horizons Campaign go toward?

The leadership of Alumni Division of the Campaign unanimously voted to devote all the money raised for new student housing.

Q. As an alum, what can I do to help with the New Horizons Campaign?

We ask all alumni to prayerfully commit to supporting this important
undertaking. We are not emphasizing equal gifts, but equal sacrifice. Commit to being a monthly supporter through the New Horizons Campaign and help NOBTS continue to train effective leaders for the ministry.

Q. What is the pledge period for the New Horizons Campaign?

A three-year pledge period is suggested, but the donor may select any
payment schedule desired.

Q. Who is the leadership of the Alumni Division?

Dr. Don Wilton
Spartanburg, South Carolina

Rev. Bobby Owings
Edgewood, Maryland

Drs. Ed and Catherine Thiele
Franklin, Tennessee

Dr. Dino Senesi
Middletown, Ohio

Dr. James Futral
Ridgeland, Mississippi

Dr. Tommy Green
Brandon, Florida

Dr. Alan Day
Edmond, Oklahoma

Rev. Jon Beard
Bremerton, Washington

Q. What are the methods of giving?

Emphasis will be on cash pledges. However, other ways to participate
may include: Appreciated Stocks and Securities,Real Estate, Life Income Plans, Charitable Lead Trusts Gifts In-Kind Bequests.

You can help by becoming a monthly supporter. Make your secure gift online:

You may also send your gift to:

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
Box 66
3939 Gentilly Blvd.
New Orleans, LA 70126

For additional information, call us at 1-800-662-8701, ext. 3252 or e-mail the Office of Development
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